Oakland Raiders Not Far From Super Bowl Contention If They Keep Their Core

Al Davis has done himself a great, big favor by letting Tom Cable go. Cable only needs to not let the door hit 'em where the lord split 'em and take his boys wit 'em.

Cable's boys were a definite detriment to the Raider cause of making the playoffs this year. It's funny how the very thing that gets a head coach hired (offensive line) is what ultimately gets him fired.

It is my belief that Hue Jackson with his high powered offense will remain in Raider Nation as the head coach. That will be the stability the Raiders need as the players master the Xs and Os of their positions.

With the talent already on the team, the Raiders are not very far off from Super Bowl contention. Just a few off season moves are needed to turn the Raiders into that contender.

But they must first keep their core players together.

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