Oakland Raiders: No Shukin and Jivin in 2010, No Shooting the Bull

There's nothing wrong with turning it on and turning it off. The language of the streets is often used to make a point. You can be sure the Oakland Raiders use this language in the locker room, and during their leisure moments. Who knows? Tom Cable and Al Davis may cut loose and talk hard to get the team moving up the NFL ranks again.

Communicating with the language of the streets adds color, rhythm and strength to the sentences that a tough player may use. A good cussing out is good for the heart, according to folks in some neigborhoods.

Some folks don't take you seriously until you do just that, "cuss 'em out."

When these guys are around a lady, they sometimes tilt their heads toward the lady and say, "Sorry ma'am, I just making a point." (At least that's the way it was in the Sixties, sometimes on a college campus in Texas)

Well, a point needs to be made before and during the 2010 season for the Oakland Raiders.

If you thought the main problem was the quarterback, and since the quarterback is definitely going to change, then there is no reason to "shoot the bull" with you.

We in the Raider Nation are expecting positive results, spelled out loud and clear by touchdowns and extra points.

Don't even try to do any "shukin and jivin" of the Raider Nation. We have experiences from low to high, deep pockets to shallow pockets (little or no money), short or tall.

Last year in 2009 (and for the past seven years) there was a lot of yipping and yapping, slipping and slacking, and that has to come to an end.

No more talk, you gotta walk that walk.

Back up those words with actions, and give us results.

How do we measure results for the Oakland Raiders? Well, why not try to have at least a 10-6 record for 2010.

Now a poetic conclusion:

If we are going to "yip" it's because we want to win.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders