Oakland Raiders: No, No, No, Stop the Losses, Or Hit the Door!

It looks like everything was trying to interfere with my viewing the game today. The atmosphere was heavy with negativity.

By the time I settled down to look at the game, the score was 10-7 with Miami in the lead. There was a time period before halftime that the Oakland Raiders had the lead, but a lot of things went wrong after halftime.

Slipping backwards is what we saw and it all happened after bye week. If you ask me, some teams don't need the so-called bye week.

The Oakland Raiders had a powerful momentum for three consecutive games before bye week and now it seems they are stuck on a five win record.

We can not bear another 5-11 season. No, no, no.

The blackout in Oakland was an indicator that folks are disappointed. I have not given up yet, but from this day we know our opportunities are lessened.

What is the recommendation? Find a way to get this team back in shape or cut and bench a few players who obviously are not able to perform at the level needed to get the Oakland Raiders out of this deep "pothole" they have fallen into.

It looks like some players are not taking this situation seriously. In this article no player or coachs' names will be listed, but after next week, if the same lame game is played, it's time for some folks to catch a plane and find a new home.

Is it unrealistic to think of shaking up a few players who are missing the mark? Many of us don't think so.

By the way, what the heck happened to these guys during bye week? Did a Delilah cut their source of strength or what?

Will someone answer that question?

I hope so.

One more time we proclaim that the team make a commitment to excellence. Is that clear? We hope so.

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