Oakland Raiders: No More Kiddy Ball, Play Like You Mean It!

I really do believe that if you set your mind to something, it manifests itself and becomes noticeable to others. I started a blend of sports and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) exactly one year ago, in April 2009.

The focus of my data collection is centered on the history of the Oakland Raiders, all put in the context of the history of the NFL.

Now that April 2010 has been declared "Mathematics and Sports Month" you can be certain that the Oakland Raiders are at the forefront in having more articles with mathematics and statistics mentioned than any other team page on the Bleacher Report.

Once again, we take the lead in a national movement.

Here are other articles of Mathematics and Sports.

Football A Markov Method for Ranking College Football Conferences
by R. Bruce Mattingly and Amber J. Murphy How to Kick a Field Goal
by Daniel C. Isaksen Linear Algebra on the Gridiron
by Daniel C. Isaksen A Look at Overtime in the NFL
by Chris Jones Extending the Colley Method to Generate Predictive Football Rankings
by R. Drew Pasteur When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough: Retrodictive Rankings in College Football
by R. Drew Pasteur How Deep is Your Playbook?
by Tricia Muldoon Brown and Eric B. Kahn  

These articles are very suitable for public consumption, sometimes entertaining and often very informative.

Now with all of this intellectual activity surrounding sports and the discussion of the design, pursuit of excellence, and efficiency, we want to remind ourselves that this is not "kiddy ball" this is professional football.

The committment to excellence that we believe in is a committment to study the situation from a to z, from top to bottom, from the interior to the exterior, from the inside to the outside, over a time period,  and in any and every location in space.

For example...

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