Oakland Raiders: No Holdouts, No Arrests, No Drama

When Richard Seymour, as expected, signed his franchise tender, it ended what little drama the Raiders have had this offseason.

It's funny that a team which is portrayed as a bunch of rogues, misfits, and bad guys seems to be of pretty high moral character.

No Oakland Raider has had any issues with college girls in bathrooms.

No Oakland Raider has been busted with any kind of pills or controlled substances.

No Oakland Raider, awaiting trial on drug charges, has been thrown back into court to explain why his image was used to promote a party in a club that is notorious for being a drug haven.

No Oakland Raider has threatened to hold out for most of the season.

No Oakland Raider has been involved in any domestic issues.

No Oakland Raider has tried to beat anyone up in a strip club.

No Oakland Raider has made any news at all, except in a positive light.

It seems as if our Raiders have their act together.

It seems as if our Raiders are saving our vile acts to be perpetrated on the field against our fellow competitors.

This is a good group of guys who will represent Raider Nation well this upcoming season and for years to come.

Nnamdi Asomugha, Robert Gallery, and Tyvon Branch, among others, have all made news this offseason. This is the type of news that makes me proud to be a Raider fan.

These men, through their charitable contributions, have made a difference in many lives this offseason—a positive difference, as well, unlike so many others.

They say you reap what you sew. If that's truly the case the Raiders are set for their best season in years.

This is truly a team to be proud of and 2010 will surely be a season to remember.

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