Oakland Raiders: No. 1 WRs Watch Your Shadow for Nnamdi Asomugha


Call him the #1 shut-down corner in the NFL. Call him collect. But opposing NFL wide receivers will be calling him “the shadow.”  Because the Raiders pro-bowl cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha will be doing just that against opposing number one receivers.

So what does Asomugha think about it: ``I love it," he said, "I've been inside, I've been outside, both sides. It looks like it won't be a thing that's selective based off who we're playing. It's just going to be a thing that we can do whenever we want ... and that's great. It gets me more involved."

In a game against the Denver Broncos last year, Asomugha shadowed Brandon Marshall the entire first half. Marshall had no catches that half. Opposing quarterbacks only challenged Asomugha 28 times last year, but the Jets receiver Revis was targeted 111 times. For good reason: Asomugha is the best.

With the Raiders improved pass rush and Asomugha shadowing opposing #1 Wide receivers, expect Asomugha to lead the Raiders to the title of the NFL’s Top Pass Defense. 

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