Oakland Raiders: Nnamdi Asomugha, Should He Take Like a Bird and Fly Away?

There is no Raider that has captured the hearts and minds more over the past several years than Nnamdi Asomugha.

But as the mother bird must do, the Oakland Raiders must allow Asomugha to fly away.

Just like the chick that has grown into a bird with a voracious appetite that is too big for the nest, so is Asomugha's contract. So like the bird who is pushed out of the nest for the betterment of the nest, it's time for Asomugha to take to the sky.

Though it might sound harsh, the Raiders have many other players in their free agent year who need to be resigned.

Now it's time to take a page out of the New England Patriot book of personnel management: drop over-priced players.

Not to say that Asomugha is overrated, because he's not. Rather, I don't believe any cornerback is worth Tom Brady money—unless, like Neon Deion, he's playing and scoring on offense and special teams.

By allowing Asomugha to walk, the Raiders could easily sign a solid, young, right offensive tackle—preferably Tyson Clabo, who has emerged as one of the best young right tackles in the NFL.

In addition, the Raiders could sign a solid free agent corner-back like the Redskins' Carlos Rogers. Rogers might not be an Asomugha, but he is a solid, economically efficient cover corner who would be the best corner on the Raiders' roster with Asomugha gone.

The only knock on Rodgers is that he drops more passes than the Raiders receiving corps.

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