Oakland Raiders NFL Preview 2010: Commitment to Above Average?

The Oakland Raiders have been the doormat for the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos the last few years, but a shocking realignment of the AFC West in 2010 may be on the horizon.

Gone is the Oakland Raiders' failed NFL first-round draft pick , JaMarcus Russell and his "lean ." Now on the scene is an eager, experienced quarterback in Jason Campbell .

Although head coach Tom Cable has stated it is a four-way competition for the starting quarterback job in Oakland, no one else believes it as Jason Campbell took a majority of snaps during the teams OTA's in June.

Campbell may not be a top five quarterback in the NFL, but he will suit the Oakland Raiders needs at the position.

What Oakland wants at the quarterback spot is a QB who will stand in there, take a shot, and unload the ball to a streaking receiver. Campbell is the quarterback who can pull that off.

Raiders Running Game Should Improve Over 2010 Numbers

The Oakland Raiders have never been 100 percent dedicated to the run in their history, but if they can focus a little more in 2010 on the run they can have tremendous balance.

Darren McFadden has been a disappointment so far in his NFL career but this is the year Oakland will need to get him more carries in every game.

McFadden has shown a history of getting better as his carries increase. If McFadden can get the ball either on handoffs or in short dump passes in the flat, McFadden could be a critical component to the new Oakland offense.

The Raiders need to focus on McFadden touching the ball 25 times a game.

With a crowded backfield, this could hurt McFadden's chances of getting his 25 touches. Michael Bennett is a great up-and-down runner, but he isn't exactly a change of pace back to McFadden.

One key addition is fullback Manase Tonga . He could be the man leading the way for McFadden if ...

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