Oakland Raiders: New Plan…Still No Respect

Folks, it's time to hate the haters once again.

Rummaging through the Internet for any speck of news takes time. But finding an article that makes you want to throw darts.... that's priceless.

Jason Cole, of Yahoo Sports, wrote the article in question. Cole, apparently bored or pressured by his higher-ups, felt it important to compile a list of pass catching tandems for all 32 NFL teams.

For all the talent on Oakland's roster, and for all the forward progress, Jason ranked the Raiders' receiving corps 27th in the NFL.

27th? Seriously?

Granted, he'll satisfy most Raiders fans, who will use his picture as a dartboard improvement tool. I went through the list, trying to figure out what type of grass he's been smoking.

Lets see. Denver? 24th....the same Denver team that shipped off two key pieces.

San Diego? 3rd, with Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates.

Kansas City? 30th.

Looking at Oakland's grade, two things must be addressed. We made our best move in dumping JaMarcus Russell. Jamarcus couldn't hit the side of a dumpster with a medium cup from Jack-In-The-Box.

Secondly, because the Raiders were saddled with their quarterback's ongoing struggles, the team's receiving corps suffered.

Johnnie Lee Higgins, who regressed from possible second WR to ghost of the team, could make a resurgence. Zach Miller, of course, was a sure thing no matter which QB was taking the snaps. Louis Murphy, as a rookie, was a hot find if the refs would give him a break.

Darrius Heyward-Bey, in his second season, and his first removed from Russell, and newly drafted speed demon Jacoby Ford could be fun to watch as opponents try to catch up to both players.

27th, seriously?

Everything our team has accomplished since the end of the season has been positive.

Just more hating from a bronco-loving Cole....best to line the bir...

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