Oakland Raiders’ New Black Hole: The Defensive Line Is for Real

One of the most famous sections in the Oakland Raiders stadium is known for their rowdy fans which sit in the famous "Black Hole" section.

In there you will find many types of different beasts and creatures, and I'm not talking about the people who come dressed up either. Those are just the regular fans.

When you go to a Raiders game you know you are going to see many different types of fans. Every Sunday in Oakland truly looks like Halloween, but that is what people expect when they go to a Raiders game.

The Black Hole is filled with very mean and nasty people. The Black Hole is not for everyone, especially the faint of heart.

I like to consider myself a big Raider fan, and I am very excited to watch a couple games from the Black Hole. Unfortunately my wife, who is also a big Raider fan, is not ready for the Black Hole yet.

If it can make a Raider fan nervous, imagine what it would make opposing teams' fans feel like?

I believe it's time to move the Black Hole's mentality from the stands to the field. The Raiders defensive line looks like it has the potential to be the new Black Hole. I've mentioned this before in previous articles.

The line looked mean and nasty in their debut against the Dallas Cowboys.

Lamarr Houston, Richard Seymour, Tommy Kelly, and Matt Shaughnessy are looking to form one of the baddest defensive lines in the league.

Stopping the run has been an issue for the Raiders and their defensive line has been a big part of that. This year the defensive line looks to change that, and I feel they have the players to do it.

They have the perfect mix of smart veterans and young hungry guys who bring energy and hunger to the lineup. They know their No. 1 goal is stopping the run.

The defensive line will be the new Black Hole on the field in 2010. Running backs can try and enter but odds are they won't get out.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders