Oakland Raiders: Never a Joke, Sometimes the Joker with Surprising Wins

Sometimes I browse sports magazines in the bookstore. On page 74, of a publication titled, "2010 Football Preview," I noticed this annoying headline: "Oakland Raiders: No Longer a Joking Matter."

First, there has never been a time that the Oakland Raiders were a joking matter, although I admit there have been some challenges in the past seven years. Yet, the historical data has been so strong that even with those difficult years, the overall win-loss averages exceeded many of the other NFL teams.

Also, there have been some surprising victories even during those challenging years.

Next, I viewed the headlines of articles in that same publication to see what descriptors were used for the Tennessee Titans. The headline for the Titans said, "Tennessee Titans: Smooth Running Machine."

Can you imagine the next move I made? I studied the headlines of each of the 32 NFL teams. Here are a few examples of  what were discovered.

New Flight Pattern                 Jets

Patriot Games                       Patriots

More Wins for Fins?               Dolphins

Redemption                           Vikings

Of Considerable Import           Bears

Nowhere to go but up             Lions

No Longer a Joking Matter      Raiders

In some ways you can consider the headline for the Raiders positive. Yet there is a hidden mes...

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