Oakland Raiders Need To Put Clash With the Titans in Rearview, Look Ahead

Okay, so we all know the Raiders fell flat on Sunday. The offense stagnated largely due to a lack of effective blocking by the offensive line, Jason Campbell had a conspicuous debut as a result, and the defense played well for the majority of the game but once again gave up big plays that broke our backs.

I was probably a little too hard on Campbell for his slide that fell short of the first down. I questioned his heart on that play (and I'm still baffled by it) but he obviously showed the rest of the game that he's got a ton of heart by picking himself up and trying to rally the team.

I am a big Jason Campbell fan and feel he's going to help turn this team around. But he needs time to throw the ball; hopefully the offensive line is working very hard to ensure this happens. They've already re-signed recently released Erik Pears to provide depth.

Anyhow, the garbage occurred four days ago; I've said my piece and moved on.

Hopefully, the Raiders have too.

It's key for this team to focus on the positives from Sunday, like getting Darren McFadden going, holding Chris Johnson to nothing other than one big run, and Hue Jackson's play calling being more creative and innovative than in years past.

Not to mention refusing to fold on offense despite being pummelled all day by players who were getting a little help from the refs and a ton of help from the crowd. I liked the way they battled in the second half.

It's just as important for them to recall that it's one game, in a tough environment, against what will most likely be a playoff team and one that returned basically intact after being one of the more dominant teams in the latter part of 2009.

There is no need for fans or the team to change their attitude 180 degrees towards the positive off season moves after one disappointing showing. This team has been mired in negativity for many moons now, and the attitud...

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