Oakland Raiders Need Jon Gruden: Bring Back Chucky

Watching Tom Cable coach does absolutely nothing but one thing for me. It makes me wish upon a lucky star that Davis would somehow bring back Jon "Chucky" Gruden.

Cable has fumbled the quarterback situation, as one quarterback gets to lose every game, throwing multiple interceptions. The other quarterback looks toward the sideline to to see if he's coming out if he throws three straight incompletions.

He's also fumbled the offensive line that he is known for building when he was the offensive line coach. A good but injury prone center was let go and the worst center in the NFL has replaced him.

Then there's the right guard that probably helped him get the head coaching job. Cable has rewarded the badly declined player with a starting position regardless of performance.

What do you have to do to lose your job with Cable?

The postgame press conference showed Raider Nation just how clueless he is. When asked about making changes to the offensive line he said, "We don't need to make changes. We just need to play a little harder."

This isn't April 1!

Then he was asked about the play of quarterback Bruce Gradkowski and he said, "Bruce really didn't get a chance to get into a rhythm because the defense couldn't get off of the field.

I always thought the offense was supposed to stay on the field to give the defense a rest. That means Gradkowski's job is to give himself a chance to get into a rhythm by converting third downs.

Cable is starting to sound less like an NFL head coach and more like an enabler. What he's enabling is three players to destroy the Raider's progress this year.

That is why Gruden really needs to be brought back.

He has sense enough to find another guy if a player isn't doing his job. I know that something really went wrong for Davis to trade one of the best coaches he'...

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