Oakland Raiders Need Help: What’s the Message in this Bi-Modal Mess since 2003?

Al Davis made a presentation at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, in 2006. The win-loss record for the Oakland Raiders in that same year was four wins, and 12 losses.

How do you think Davis feels now, having been given one of the highest honors in professional football (he was enshrined in 1992), yet his team had the worst win-loss record in a seven-year period? We look back, using hindsight.

Here is the data to remind you "how stuck on stupid" this may have seemed to a lot of people:

Year     Wins     Losses

2009     5         11

2008     5         11

2007     4         12

2006     2         14

2005     4         12

2004     5         11

2003     4         12

I know of a teacher who received all types of accolades in 1984. She was placed in a high school where the students did not seem to care much about pursuing excellence. She told the students, "A teacher is only as great as her students. If you are failing, then I am failing."

This example points out the need for the Oakland Raiders to improve. They have got to do better in order to re-gain the integrity of the franchise. As there should be a correlation between an outstanding teacher and outstanding students, so there also ought to be a strong connection between good coaching and good performance on the playing field.

There ought to be a very strong correlation between...

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