Oakland Raiders Need AAA To the Rescue (Ability, Attitude, Aggression)

If you take time to view some of the videos on an NFL website, you will learn that a new attitude is evident in the Oakland Raiders team.

A change of quarterback implies a new attitude. It is amazing how one man in and another man out can make a difference in the dynamics of the team.

Let's just say that now when the players wake up each morning they have something to look forward to. They look forward to being a part of a winning team.

Another thing you can say is that the Oakland Raiders have experienced a break down over the past seven years. It is sort of like your car breaking down in a strange location, but who comes to your rescue? AAA, an old reliable towing and road assistance program.

What does AAA stand for? It means, in this article, ability, attitude and aggression. A big dose of all of those attributes is what the Oakland Raiders need. And, this year, the team has got what they need.  

And a friend watching me write this article quipped, "You hope."

Jason Campbell has been given credit for changing some of the dynamics of the players. He works hard. The other players see him work hard. So, they work hard.

Some say the Oakland Raiders have one of the best collection of young players in the NFL. Now that these players have "a new attitude" somewhat like Patti LaBelle sings about, and the sky is the limit.

Once the young men become fired up and aggressive, but within the new NFL rules, the Oakland Raiders may be close to re-claiming their rank in the NFL. With AAA to the rescue, the team will rank in the stratosphere of the NFL rather than at lower levels.

It's something to look forward to. It's something that will renew the high spirit of the Raider Nation. And, one way to measure the improvement is to compare Campbell with Russell and then hope for the best in 2010.


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Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders