Oakland Raiders Must Study and So Must B/R Writers in 2010

Whatever I ask of the Oakland Raiders in terms of their commitment to excellence, I must also ask of myself and others who will be writing about their experiences in 2010.

I charted the strong and weak connections I have to NFL players. I am also lining up my resources to study and discuss the issues and activities of 2010.

Sports Radio 610 will be one of my sources. ESPN is another. Quick updates from Jerrymcd using tweets is another way to stay on top of the situation.

In my social map shown above, I see that there are strong and weak connections to NFL players, both past and present. Here is a sample and I am amazed at the fact that so many are somehow connected to my project and effort.

I suggest you start making you social map, too.

My strong and weak connections are listed:



Garland Boyette

Anthony Guillory

Ernie Holmes biographical data

Gene Upshaw biographical data

Jermaine Fazande

Lloyd C. A. Wells biographical data

Warren Wells



W. K. Hicks

Winston Hill

Ernie Ladd

Mean Joe Greene

and others

For a year now, I have had a copy of the historical data of the guys who attended Texas Southern University. I am constantly requesting and researching data to increase my collection.

And the thorough preparation and practice I expect from the Oakland Raiders has to also be what I expect of myself and others. Are you, too, committed to excellence in 2010?

I hope so. Go Raiders! Study yourself, the playbook and study your opponents.



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