Oakland Raiders Must Start Strong, Stay Strong

Start Strong

It was good to see the Oakland Raiders make the first touchdown in the first quarter of the Aug. 28 game.

They started strong.

It's unfortunate that Jason Campbell got an injury. It was good, however, to see Bruce Gradkowski get a chance to show his skills.

The touchdown for 74-yards to Louis Murphy was impressive.

A little data gives you a chance to review some of what happened in a good preseason game.



The game was full of action and if we could choose a color to describe the action, "red" would be a good choice. 

Then, the fade out occurred.


Stay Strong

During the fourth quarter, the Oakland Raiders lost their alert, red color and faded to a pale pink. Oakland just didn't come through during the last few minutes of the game on Aug. 28.

Overall, it was a good workout, giving the coaches a chance to see areas that still need a lot of work.

The injury to Jason Campbell was disappointing. On the other hand, Gradkowski got a chance to display his skills and two touchdowns made Oakland competitive.


Sustain and Maintain

There is still time to get their act together. The Oakland Raiders have what it takes, now they must take an attitude of fighting to the bitter end of a game.

No more fading out near the end of the game. Rather, pump it up, and win, even if it happens at the end.

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