Oakland Raiders Must Reap the Fruit of Their Labor on the Playing Field

The fruit of the labor of the Oakland Raiders would be to win the championship in the AFC, and to win another Super Bowl.

Sometimes it is helpful to connect the behaviors in one area to those of another.

Tennis Mantis, a 19-year-old college student, who listens to the little gems of wisdom that just might inspire the Oakland Raiders, has something to say. Let's just say that out of the mouths of babes can come great wisdom and simplicity.

As I demonstrate the power of preparation and of doing your homework, sometimes college students get the message and present me with a little kindnesses. Tennis presented me with a basket filled with fruit grown in his garden.

I told Tennis and the other students that if the Oakland Raiders would acquire the intense discipline similar to that of a gardener, they would be more likely to reach their goal and win more games.

When Tennis was asked what role he played in producing the fruit presented to his professor, he said "My mother (say, for example, the head coach) has a garden in our backyard. I helped take care of her plants (like an assistant coach) by nurturing them and pulling weeds.

"I also helped to identify insects such as the lace wing and centipede," he went on. In some strange way some insects can be helpful to the crop.

"Working in a garden can help teach the value of hard work and dedication (consistency,)" he continued. "The fruit of my labor was tomatoes, sage, malabar spinach, and eggplant."

The inspiration drawn from Tennis's experiences leads many of us to question whether the Oakland Raiders have had that consistent, dedicated, regular set of behaviors to produce great outcomes. 

As a metaphor, the problems on the playing field can be like weeds and blemishes which come from insufficient water, bugs, fungi, and other diseases.

For example, in the case of profession...

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