Oakland Raiders Must Make Opponent the Ram in the Bush, Or Sacrifice Cable

Last year, the quarterback was supposed to be the main reason the Oakland Raiders did so poorly. This year, just tell us who will be sacrificed if the performance pattern is not changed?

One scenario to consider is that at least last year the Raiders won the second game of the regular season. Surely, the Oakland Raiders can win the game against the St. Louis Rams.

There is a story about a man who was to make a sacrifice to prove his faithfulness to his mission. In order to demonstrate his commitment, he was to sacrifice his son, Isaac. One version of the story indicates that to demonstrate his commitment to excellence he raised the "knife" to kill his son. However, there was a ram in the bush, and instead of sacrificing his son, the ram was sacrificed.

So, if Cable does not want to be sacrificed, then it looks like he should lead the Oakland Raiders to victory in the second game of the season. Cable should lead the Oakland Raiders to victory over the Rams.

In my opinion, a coach has to be influential enough to get the best performance out of his team. Something is amiss.

Someone warned us that it is possible to have a 4-0 preseason record and then end up with a poor regular season. This type of historical cycle needs to be broken.

Our spirits were up because the preseason looked good with a 3-1 record.

Then, a jolt or bolt of lightning knocked a few of us out, when the team loss by 25 points.

All some of us have to say is get it right. Start winning, and get us out of this "hell hole" of losing when everyone believes that this is the year that things are going to be turned around.

Go Raiders!

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