Oakland Raiders Must Have a “Sunday Kind of Love” for Wins After Bye Week

The Raider Nation wants a "Sunday Kind of Love" from the Oakland Raiders, one that will last past Saturday night and into the future.

Etta James' version of this song was the one a lot of us slow dragged to in the old days. A comforting and soothing song, it had lyrics with meaning.

The Oakland Raiders must have players who have a "Sunday Kind of Love" for winning. The Raider Nation can not bear a separation from victory. The Raider Nation can not stand a "one-night stand" where affection for victory is strong for three weeks and then it's gone.

Jason Campbell is going to have to keep it up, continue to throw accurate passes and to move powerfully and energetically to the right position to make the right throw.

Richard Seymour and others are going to have to continue to maintain a tough defense, holding the score down so that the point difference between the Oakland Raiders and opponents will not widen if the offense sputters.

Marcel Reese must have that "Sunday Kind of Love" to keep doing what he has been doing.

It's bye week and many fans really miss seeing our team play today. We know that the players need to have rest and recuperation, but we miss their love for pursuing victory on the gridiron.

We hope that the Oakland Raiders stay the course and remain faithful to the plan for more victories not knowing where the season will end.

Playoffs? Why not?

Super Bowl? Maybe?

When there is a "Sunday Kind of Love" for victory, the opportunities for success and for breaking records or trends are limitless.

True love has no bounds in terms of what will be done to satisfy and provide for the beloved.

In this metaphor, if the Oakland Raiders truly love their fans, then give us that "Sunday Kind of Love" next Sunday and in all of the remaining Sundays in 2010.

Come on, Oakland Raiders, give us a love for victory that...

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