Oakland Raiders Must Defeat Broncos, Colts and Chiefs To Stay In Hunt: Go 49ers?

The Oakland Raiders went from second in the AFC West to third place as they lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars last week. Now at 6-7, the Oakland  Raiders are the last AFC team in the hunt for a playoff shot. In other words, they are hanging by a thread and need a miracle to happen if they are to get back in contention.

So what is needed for the Oakland Raiders?

Looking at the AFC West race: the Kansas City Chiefs lead the division with an 8-5 record, the San Diego Chargers have improved to  a 7-6 record and in third place are the Oakland Raiders with a 6-7 record.

For the millions of fans in the Raider Nation, this record could easily be a 10-3 but because of mistakes in past games, the Silver and Black has allowed those teams to squeeze by.

These final three games will decide it all, and although the Oakland Raiders can win the remaining games, they need the Chiefs and the Chargers to lose a game each. Can this situation arise? Certainly.

As far as the Kansas City Chiefs go, a loss is highly possible as their leader, QB Matt Cassell, was inactive for last week's game and is uncertain for this weekend as he is recovering from an emergency appendectomy. Brody Croyle replaced him last week and the team was scoreless. So for the Raider Nation, lets hope that this week Cassell remains in recovery.

The San Diego Chargers are hot, or so they believe. This was said last time they played the Oakland Raiders, and the Chargers were subsequently humbled by the Silver and Black attack! However, this Thursday night the 49ers will meet the San Diego Chargers, and for once in my lifetime, I am going for the 49ers. If the 49ers can defeat the Chargers, the Oakland Raiders will be that much closer to domination.

Lastly are the Oakland Raiders and their confrontation with the Denver Broncos, who are looking for some payback in the city of Silver and Black. Last time the two met the Raiders we...

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