Oakland Raiders: Moves That the Oakland Raiders Must Make

As a Raider fan, I have come to accept that Al Davis doesn't care about what fans think. Sometimes I wonder why Mr. Davis went into the business of the NFL, because when it comes to the fans, he seems to turn a deaf ear.

I said "seems" because that has been my perception, but I could be wrong.

Sometimes I wonder if Raider Nation should merely use reverse psychology in order to convince Mr. Davis of needed changes.

Nevertheless, I believe that the sports media have been equally callous towards Raider Nation as just pawns in some behind-the-scenes struggle against Mr. Davis to define the perception of the Raiders franchise.

See, that is what Mr. Davis fears the most: Someone other than him defining the image of the Raiders. 

He'd rather fail miserably but know that it was his fault than follow the leader and get defined in the pyramid of someone else's success. Mr. Davis wants to be the trend setter, not the coat-tail rider, even if he has to go out in a blaze of glory.

Terms like "bust central" have been used in reference to the Raiders. In one case, by the failing newspaper the Seattle Post-Intelligencer .  Oh, how beautifully ironic that a bankrupt newspaper would have the gall to say that the emperor has no clothes.

The sports media are still iterating through the "Al Davis is crazy" program, because that's all they know. 

And that is why the drones have relished this period in which the Raiders have struggled, because the program they operate in continues to be right. I dare to say, though, that the program will soon come to a screeching hault.

With that said, I think certain moves must be made in order to do so. But also, some moves should not be made.

1) Hire recently deposed Scott McCloughan as a top executive in the front office.  Ideally, McCloughan would be the GM that the Raiders have lacked, but I would accept it if M...

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