Oakland Raiders’ Mock Drafts Galore: Mirror, Which Is The Greatest?

Here is a challenge. So many have published their list in mock drafts.

Who will be the best addition to the Oakland Raiders? Who will be the best fit for the Oakland Raiders?

Do we really know?

I don't think so, although I have been having fun compiling and researching the various lists.

One dynamic that people seem to overlook is the reaction of the present players to the addition of the new, young players.

Here is a quote from a review of a movie about a real-life person, Vince Papale:

"He takes risks, he pushes himself."

"He’s unpopular with the other players."

"He doesn’t have time to get the girl."

"He’s scared to death of disappointing everyone."

"He’s outclassed."

What got my attention was the quote, "He's unpopular with the other players."

Now, could this have happened with some of the Oakland Raiders. For example, might some of the players be silently in opposition to the choice and contractual arrangement of JaMarcus Russell or others?

Could this dynamic affect the quality of interaction on the playing field?

Now because of the possible dynamic between the Oakland Raiders, this man, Russell would not have had a chance of surviving or to avoid being a possible bust.

Of course, if Russell, somehow, develops an ability to take risks, and to push himself, he could definitely overcome such a hindrance.

Or, if he can delay gratification and focus on his game, then, again, he may overcome the pitfalls that are emerging in his career. This is what the real-life Papale did, and it worked for him. 

Yes, the mock drafts may have selected Russell. Al Davis, obviously favored Russell in 2007.

Unless, however, Russell has the heart, character an...

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