Oakland Raiders Mock Draft 3.0: Rounds 1-7

Here is another Mock Draft for the Oakland Raiders.  Again, I will keep this relatively simple.  I decided to write another one because pre-draft information can be unreliable at best, and tends to change almost daily.

There have been some ideas flying around on the net about what the Raiders should do to haul in a boatload of players.

I'd like to keep this somewhat linear.  Some of the ideas I have read would rely on too many dynamics all lining up just right for the Raiders.  Realistically, many of the ideas are improbable.

That's coming from me, and I often seek ideas outside the box.  However, I don't bother with an idea unless there's a reasonable chance it could be true, or that it could work.

Many have wondered whether the Raiders should select OT Bruce Campbell from Maryland.  Campbell impressed many at the combine with his size and speed, both of which are measures coveted by Al Davis.

Some have wondered if it could be déjà vu all over again after they took Darrius Heyward-Bey from Maryland at seventh overall in 2009, because of his size and speed.

I'm not convinced of that.  One reason why the Heyward-Bey pick was questioned is because he was the first receiver off the board when Michael Crabtree and Jeremy Maclin were projected as better prospects, which until further notice, has been true.

In 2010 however, we could potentially see three or four tackles off the board in the top 10. 

Washington will likely take Russell Okung, Kansas City could easily take Bryan Bulaga, while the Seahawks or even Cleveland could take Trent Williams or Anthony Davis as a right tackle, if those clubs defer from selecting a quarterback.

The Raiders could also take Bruce Campbell, while the Bills could be the fourth club to select a tackle (assuming that both Sam Bradford and Jimmy Claussen are off the board)...

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