Oakland Raiders Manifesto Of Power, Persistence and Perpetuity of Victory

Let the celestial trumpets make a thunderous sound as the Manifesto is declared.

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Where are the kings and queens? Don't worry, we will do it ourselves. We will declare a manifesto today, Nov. 17, 2010.

You will add to the declaration in the comment section. I will start it, the Raider Nation will continue it, and the Oakland Raiders will accomplish it.

I, hereby, declare

1. More victories in 2010. Thanks for the 5-4 record to date.

2. Fewer injuries in 2010.

3. Alert, strong, smart and resilient quarterbacking, no matter who is the starter. For now, keep Jason Campbell.

4. More Raider Nation fans in the stands, wherever the Oakland Raiders play ball.

5. Increase value of the franchise.

6. More sales of Raider gear worldwide.

7. More Raider Nation fans at tailgate gatherings.

8. More Raider Nation fans at sports clubs and locations openly cheering for the Oakland Raiders.

9. Termination of the perception that the Oakland Raiders are a joke. Put that perception to rest.

10. More players who will eventually become Pro Bowlers.

11. More players who will eventually be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

12, Continue adding to the Oakland Raiders Manifesto for 2010 and beyond.

Now, these declarations may be achieved at different times in the future. Our belief, however, is that they will be accomplished soon.

Evidence that things are changing is documented by the victories over the past three weeks.

Again, it is spoken in the Raider Nation and so it shall be done.

Lastly, join in and add to the manifesto so that the vision becomes a reality, with the start of it all today.

Go Raiders! Go Raider Nation, and help construct a powerful manifesto for victory.


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