Oakland Raiders: Making Outrageous Comparisons


Yes, I used the word "outrageous," because what has happened to the Oakland Raiders in the past seven years is outrageous.

Having the audacity to compare aspects of the Oakland Raiders franchise with the New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts, and Pittsburgh Steelers is probably going to piss somebody off—and it is a good thing to get a little agitated.

Let's just say it is about time to examine the Raiders' situation from every angle, leaving no stones unturned.

Anybody who thinks that numbers are not important is living in a very limited reality, in my opinion. If numbers don't matter, then why are there so many NFL statistics posted in so many places on the Internet?

Numbers do matter.

As a response to one comment, this example was given: If numbers do not matter, then think about a body with only one eye and one leg. Would the quality of life of a person with that body be changed dramatically when compared with someone who has two eyes and two legs—which is what is called "normal?"

In such a situation, accommodations are often made. In the case of the Raiders, if we are short of a GM or an assistant coach, then accommodations ought to be considered to help bring the team up to par.

So it is in the NFL. A team with one coach may be odd when most teams have more than one. A team with no strength and conditioning coach may also seem odd.

A team that is top-heavy, with 12 coaches and limited productivity, again may seem odd.

If we look at the selected group of teams and tally the total number of head coaches and assistants, offensive coaches, and defensive coaches, you may make a few observations.

Here are a few—and I admit I like to write articles that make us think deeper and further into the travesty of failures we are witnessing with the Raiders in the past seven years.

Obviously, no one has...

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