Oakland Raiders: Make the Team Stable, Keep Cable, Tweak Other Areas

This morning I read an article on why the Oakland Raiders should keep coach Tom Cable. It made sense to me.

Stability is what the Oakland Raiders need. If we were to compare the performance of the Oakland Raiders with the range of a singer who can hit contralto notes and even soprano notes in a melody, then the Oakland Raiders did have that wide range of performance.

We groaned in a contralto voice when they made mistakes, fumbles and other glitches.

We screamed in a soprano voice when they made so many touchdowns and points, totaling 59 in one outstanding game.

At least we were able to hit several soprano notes, indicating that the talent and execution gave us those thrilling moments and those high pitched sounds of joy.

For that reason alone, we realize that with a little more time and effort the Oakland Raiders can be and will be a winning team.

If all of our sounds this year were low pitched moans and groans, some would screen and shout in a high soprano voice, "cut the Cable."

They were not all sounds of disappointment. Some sounds were so loud expressing the joy of victory, that chandeliers trembled and fine china cracked.

My creative response to a BR article indicating that Tom Cable should be maintained is "chorused" by this article.

Keep Tom Cable and perhaps the team will become more stable. He seems to be good for the spirit of the team.

Tweak other variables. If too many changes are done, too fast, it will be impossible to measure the impact of the principal variables.

What do you think?

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