Oakland Raiders: Low Expectations High Results

Right now the Oakland Raiders are trying to make their transition into football without no. one pick Jamarcus Russell.

As far as the field is concerned, they have done an adequate job durring Mini-Camps and OTA's, giving a fresh look to the team and new life to the Raider Nation.

Though off the field Russell's presence still looms as it is being reported that the Oakland Raiders have filed a grievance against the disappointing quarterback.

Russell has had many reports written about how he has held this team back, his laziness and overall attitude toward the game.

I don't want to focus to much time on how bad he was, or even about the Raiders plea for their money, but I will give my opinion briefly.

The fact is, apart of Russell's contract is guaranteed, and the Raiders knew what they were getting when they drafted him.

They chose talent over heart, potential over proof, and measurable over production.

They thought that by paying Russell, he would love the game, but infact it was what the game brought him that Russell was in love with.

The Raiders have made their bed, and now they must lay in it, no matter how expensive the sheets are.

Now back to the theme of this article.

True, not all of the Raiders problems can be blamed on Jamarcus Russell. However, Russell overall lack of football adequacy made some areas of the team look worse than what they were.

So, lets focus on Jason Campbell's arrival to the team and how the team has progressed in OTA's. A good quarterback, who may not be great, but has the heart to be.

Since Campbell's arrival, you have heard the media comment on how fast Campbell has caught up, how accurate he has been, and how he has done a good job throwing on time. All of which we have not seen in a long period of time.

The pressure might be on for Campbell amongst the Raider fan base, the mai...

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