Oakland Raiders: Louis Murphy Made the News for What?!

I told you so. Well, I am certain you don't want to hear that common phrase used by sisters, brothers, friends and so on. It seems to me the rate of the young Oakland Raiders getting in the news for unusual incidents is too great.

Already one of the Oakland Raiders was stopped and a concealed weapon was found somewhere in his car.

Another had a little trouble, but the loud music (like I hear at the stop sign near my home late a night) and the unlabeled pills are just outright crazy.

The young Oakland Raiders are a bit careless this offseason during the lockout. As young celebrities you either believe that they are very unlucky fellows or some type of profiling is going on in their respective hometowns.

What is the problem?

One thing we all can learn from this unfortunate incident involving the Oakland Raiders' wide receiver Louis Murphy is that you must not peel the labels off of your medicine. If the label falls off, then I guess you should go back to your pharmacist and have him replace the label; otherwise, you could end up with a misdemeanor.

For goodness sake, don't put your pills in one of those plastic containers you can get at a drugstore with the day of the week over each slot of the container. After all, if you are stopped by a cop, it could mean you will be charged with some type of violation.

Could this problem be for certain types of drivers who play their music too loud? Could it be that if you don't look right and sound right, you just might end up in a tight spot?

Well here is the 411 for the young Oakland Raiders.

You must put all of your aspirins, viagra pills and other medicines in their labeled container with your doctor's name on the label; otherwise, more of you may end up having problems with the authorities during the "darn" lockout.

I repeat, don't get locked down (depressed), locked out (because of some silly accusati...

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