Oakland Raiders Losses Are Wins in The Dual Space: Happy Father’s Day

Now my day starts by watering my garden and then sitting in the backyard and thinking about what will be my next article about the Oakland Raiders. Well, this day is special so I have decided to plant a tree in memory of the great fathers of the Oakland Raiders and for the fathers who are Oakland Raiders. It will be a palm tree.

Now, let's get something straight up front. A great father may not be a perfect father. But, he is a father who was chosen to give a player the genes that he has. He is the father that certainly shared some good days with the player, or the player has been told some wonderful stories about him, his strengths and weakness.

It sort of reminds me of the song, Pappa was a rolling stone. Now, I am not saying that all Pappas are rolling stones, but it certainly would be false to say that none of them are.

Then there are the fathers who had a little drinking problem, but they held on to their jobs, and provided for their families.

There are the football fathers who taught their boys about sports but did not talk about the social dynamics that come with the program.

There are fathers who played football with their children but failed to show emotion on other pressing issues that arise during adolescent stages of life.

There are fathers who were there for you, and there are those who sent the money even if they were not physically present.

Honestly, there may be the type of father listed above or other types since there is certainly diversity in fathering and in the conditions of fatherhood.

Nevertheless, let's encourage each other to say thank you for the fathers that we have.

Let's remember the good that the fathers did, not just the errors, quirks, and problems they dealt with.

As we walk in this journey of life, we see examples of men who transformed their pain into something productive.

For example, a...

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