Oakland Raiders Lose To Tennessee Titans: A Look at the Bright Side

I am sure that many Raider fans feel like garbage after watching the Raiders get mauled by Vince Young, CJ2K, and the Titans.  I know I did.

But there are a few reasons to remain optimistic that the Raiders season isn't as good as dead.

One reason, the Titans are a good team.  After winning eight of their last 10 games in 2009, the Titans are a very good team with a very good offense led by Chris Johnson—the NFL's best rusher—and the mobile Vince Young.  Young also has a good arm—see his long toucdown pass over Stanford Routt.

Number two, there are 15 more games.  The NFL season is a marathon and every team will lose some games.  Yes, a 38-13 loss with as many flaws as the Raiders showed is discouraging, but there is still time.

The third, Darren McFadden!  The man who some fans think is a bust, or at least close, ran wild with 95 yards on 18 carries as well as six catches for 55 yards.  That makes 150 total yards and he had a receiving touchdown.  The Raiders may have a threat besides Zach Miller on offense.

Four, injuries.  The Raiders didn't have their best receiver, Chaz Schilens, or their best running back, Michael Bush.  Not to say if the Raiders had these two men they would have won, but the game would have been easier to watch.

I don't know about you, but I refuse to accept another mediocre season is upon us after just one game!  If the Raiders still look like this in Week 12, then we can freak out. 

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