Oakland Raiders Lose To Jags Despite Defensive Pounding and 3 TDs From McFadden

   The Oakland Raiders traveled to Jacksonville to play the Jacksonville Jaguars and lost in a 38-31 nail biting game. These two teams were evenly matched when it came to the running game.

  This game was also important for both teams. For the Oakland Raiders it was a shot at getting one game away from the Kansas city Chiefs who currently lead the division. For Jacksonville, it was  an opportunity to remain on top of the AFC South.

  Defensively it seemed the Oakland Raiders had the upper hand as the defense continued to pound away at David Garrard. For many fans, it was awesome to see the Raiders on top 17-7 at the half. But the lead  would be lost in the second half as mistakes began to plague the Raiders.

  Although QB Jason Campbell ( 324 passing yards) and Darren McFadden (123 yards rushing / 86 receiving yards w/ 3 TDs !!) played with great zeal and some mind blowing  runs, it was not enough to get the win in Jacksonville.

   The defense of the Oakland Raiders was missing MLB Rolando McClain and this may have been  pivotal for the Oakland Raiders. As for the front four lineman, who I will name the "Fearsome Four ", they played hard and well. In fact they shut down the running of Jacksonville and overturned the ball when the Oakland Raiders needed it.

  The defensive lineup included Matt Shaughnessy, Lamaar Houston, Richard Seymour and Tommy Kelly. Mike Mitchell and Tyvon Branch also played well.

   Tyvon Branch caused a huge turnover when he striped the ball and it was turned over to Oakland.Overall the defense played decent but it was special teams this week that let the team down when at the end of the game with a little more than minute the Jaguars were able to run it down the field  to the Oakland thirty.

   The Oakland Raiders started the game by getting the first TD. This was a short pass to Da...

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