Oakland Raiders Lose McNabb Sweepstakes: Is Jason Campbell on the Radar?

Let's hope not!

Although Jason Campbell is better than any quarterback currently on Oakland's depth chart, he is not the right guy for the Raiders. He just doesn't seem to possess the passion this team so desperately needs.

Campbell was not very highly touted coming out of Auburn University, 25th overall in the 2005 Draft. He was even called a "reach." He became the Redskins starter after the ninth game of the his rookie season.

He actually played fairly well completing 53.1% of his passes for 1,297 yards, 10 touchdowns and only six interceptions in just seven games. Not terrible numbers when you compare them to those of JaMarcus Russell's first seven starts.

In his second year, Campbell suffered from the "sophomore slump" we hear so much about. He led his team to only six wins, and earned a passer rating of just 77.6. Still better than Russell, but not good enough to garner a trade to Oakland in my opinion.

Statistically speaking, 2008 and 2009 were by far Jason's best seasons. He threw for a total of 6,863 yards, a 63.3% completion percentage, 33 touchdowns, 21 interceptions for a combined passer rating of 85.35, but could only muster a 12-20 record. Compared to JaMarcus Russell, those are Pro-Bowl numbers!

All that said, is Jason Campbell the best option for the Raiders? I say no.

He doesn't have a very fiery personality, he isn't a vocal leader, and he doesn't throw the deep ball particularly well. All of these characteristics are the mold the Raiders typically look for in a quarterback.

There are better options for Oakland still available.

Troy Smith is a restricted free agent just like McNabb was, but instead of having to give up a second round pick, the Raiders would only be required to give the Baltimore Ravens a fifth round pick. That would be a steal for Smith's services!

Smith's salary is less than half of Campbell's, and is more than $1...

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