Oakland Raiders Lose Game and Much More in Miami

The Oakland Raiders managed to go from being in first place in the AFC West, to looking like a non-playoff team in one fell swoop, with a humiliating 34-14 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

A Raiders loss and a Denver Broncos win at Minnesota has dropped them into a tie for the division, and ended up placing them on the outside looking in as far as the playoffs are concerned at this point in the season.

The Broncos and Raiders are tied for first place, however, the Broncos hold the tie-breaker at this point.  A better winning percentage in the AFC West gives the Broncos the edge with control of their own destiny.

The Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals are ahead of the Raiders for the two wild card spots. The wild card picture could change depending on the outcome of the Baltimore Ravens game against the Cleveland Browns being played at this moment.  Regardless of the outcome, the Raiders may still be out at this point.

This was a game that the Raiders had to have.  With games looming in Green Bay and home against the Detroit Lions, there is very little room for error at this point in the season. Don't forget about having to travel to Kansas City and a home game to the hated San Diego Chargers to end the season.

The Dolphins entered Sunday's game with a 3-8 record, but don't let the record fool you.  The Dolphins had won three out of their last four, and the loss was a last-second heart breaker in Dallas against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, coming off a short week.

The Raiders were underdogs going into the game against Miami.  The spread alone should have caused a red flag to fly up for the Raiders.  Not that the odds makers in Las Vegas have a direct effect on the games, but it's crazy how close they are on a regular basis.  The guys who set the odds were off on the points, although the Dolphins did cover.  Somebody k...

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