Oakland Raiders Lose a Good Fan, but She Witnessed Three Consecutive Wins

Tribute to an Ordinary Oakland Raiders Fan

She was an ordinary person but she loved to hear me read articles to her about the Oakland Raiders. She was an intercessor. She believed that the team was going to do better.

Pastor Tina Wilson would constantly pull for the Oakland Raiders and some of the senior Oakland Raiders who she encountered in the Southwest part of the United States.

To her and others the Oakland Raiders symbolized a spirit of recovery, and restoration of ordinary people in the United States.

She was aware of Al Davis' philosophy of giving young men a chance to prove themselves worthy of honor on the playing field.

All journeys come to an end. What's more, when the end draws near, the traveler will look back at the things that were hoped for, and make an assessment or ask if a job is well done.

The last time I saw this great lady, I mentioned on Sept. 26 that the struggle of the Oakland Raiders and of others has lasted many years. It lasted seven long years. A change was expected on Sept 26.

The change for the Oakland Raiders came on Oct. 24, Oct. 31, and Nov. 7. The ordinary fan, the lady who pulled for the Oakland Raiders and the senior Oakland Raiders passed away on Nov. 9.

Pastor Tina Wilson had a lot on her mind, but somehow I believe she shared in the joy of victory for the three consecutive wins of the Oakland Raiders. Often we would share how the victory of the team would inspire some of the senior Oakland Raiders to hang in there and to pursue whatever recovery they may need in their senior years.

She and others never gave up on the Oakland Raiders. Suddenly, the reciprocation and love for excellence and victory was learned by the young Oakland Raiders, and the win-loss record is looking so much better.

Thanks to millions of supporters and fans and thanks to the others like Pastor Tina Wilson who ne...

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