Oakland Raiders: Lift Up Your Heads, It Was a Very Good Year!

You don't expect a baby to come out of the womb walking, do you?

Well, we didn't expect the Oakland Raiders to make giant steps toward the Super Bowl in 2010. We only wanted to see remarkable and consistent signs of improvement.

What did they give us? They gave us something to look forward to in 2011.

Anytime you see that a team move from a 5-11 in 2009 to a 7-8 or so record, you have to admit that things were better in 2010.

Just as injuries take time to heal, wounded seasonal records need time to be overcome, as well.

If you rush the process, you will probably damage something internal to the process.

There are a number of accomplishments the Raider Nation can be proud of.

Consider that there is a opportunity to have an increase in wins by 60 percent. If you had five wins in 2009, and now have at least seven or eight wins in 2010, there is a 60 percent increase in wins.

A 60 percent increase is substantial. The Raider Nation should be proud of the Oakland Raiders.

One thing is certain, the media will be careful to not jump to premature conclusions about the Oakland Raiders. They are a team that is regaining respect from opponents and naysayers.

How might we demonstrate the appreciation for the Oakland Raiders? We can boost them by showing up to the last game of the season as a way of saying, "Thanks."

Lift up your heads, Oakland Raiders. Things are better.

Go Raiders! Lift up your heads and look up toward better days. 

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