Oakland Raiders: Levels of Excellence, and Passing the Baton To Achieve Higher

Thanks Tom Cable for your contributions to the Oakland Raiders. I know that this may be a difficult time for you. Let's just think of this as a race toward a goal that needs acceleration. It reminds me of a 4 by 1 relay race where the decision to place the fastest man in the anchor leg position is made.

Who is that faster man who can move the Oakland Raiders quickly to a playoff and/or a Super Bowl?

Is it Hue Jackson? If so, the decision will be made to hire him.

If not, find the man, quickly.

There are levels of excellence in everything we pursue. The best thing that sports can teach you is to learn how to win, to lose and to change. Change may be painful, but often it is necessary.

Many of us are concerned about the decision to remove Tom Cable because we were convinced that the morale and the spirit of the team was elevated under his leadership.

Others added that Hue Jackson contributed greatly to the upward shift in the morale of the team.

I and others began to worry, however, after bye week. The pattern of losing after bye week continued as it had in previous years. To me, if there is a true change, then some of the fixed patterns would have to be broken to demonstrate that the change was consistent and going in the right direction.

Moving away from the losing streak is somewhat like moving away from an addiction. The addict has truly changed, not if he slips backwards, now and then, and takes a drink, but if he maintains abstinence from a certain point to the end of his journey.

Some pattern studies showed that the Oakland Raiders stayed the same more than they demonstrated getting better, with, occasionally, a couple of steps backwards, which was not a good sign.

For some reason, the Oakland Raiders were not able to stay the course, consistently, under the leadership of Tom Cable.

Ideally, Cable’s performance data should ha...

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