Oakland Raiders: Lets Be Realistic and Analyze

This article is not like my previous article much earlier in the offseason. I must say as a fan of the Oakland Raiders I am feeling much more optimistic than I was just two months ago.

BUT, I still do not fail to realize what is truly going on. I stand by my statements before that, yes, the Raiders will probably only win 8-9 games. At the same time, i do admit that I was a little too critical on their chances on winning 10+.

Now that that's over, let's move on to analyzing key aspects of the team.

Lets start with my favorite, the secondary. Some reports of late have been reporting stellar performances out of everyone in the Raiders secondary. Of course Asomugha is well above-par. But our issues lie in the tangling of the No. 2 CB spot. Now I'll be honest, I loved Chris Johnson at the start of last year. But every game following, he just let me down, and I don't even need to get going on Stanford Routt.

Anyway, unless a rookie steps up or Johnson improves his game, I'm afraid the improvement of our run-defense is going to show our secondaries true colors, which won't be pretty. For the sake of keeping this article compressed I'd like to touch quick on Micheal Huff, he can't do it. We need a new FS because Hiram Eugene can't do it either.

The rest of our defense seems set besides a few minor tweaks on the line so i'll get going onto the offensive line.

Tom Cable says the rookie linemen probably wont be starting. But, I'm not so sure I trust his word just yet.

Jared Veldheer has definitely proven himself at lower-levels, never giving up a sack. I'm still waiting to see if he can have half-as-much success in the big game.  

Bruce Campbell, hailing from my own city in Connecticut is a workout warrior, he has some potential if he can grasp the Guard position.

The left side of the line is locked down with Ga...

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