Oakland Raiders Lean On Darren McFadden But Defeat The Seahawks? Yes

It was an amazing day for running back Darren McFadden as he robbed the Denver Broncos of four touchdowns and 165 yards in Sunday's 59-14 win in Denver.

McFadden and teammate Michael Bush were able to find the holes and burn up some yards.

It should be noted that rookie OT Jared Veldheer was a key factor in making blocks up front for McFadden. Veldheer is an absolute Samson. His play against the Denver defense is a tribute to that strength.

The question remains, is McFadden the running back Al Davis and Tom Cable believe him to be?

Last season McFadden spent a great deal of time on the sidelines with injury. Many Oakland Raider fans felt that he may turn out to be a bust. He showed some spurts last season, and his attack on would-be tacklers was a plus for McFadden. McFadden is certainly a tough runner. The only issue, however, is can he stay healthy?

I would have to guess that for McFadden to be recognized as an elite RB like Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson and even Frank Gore, he would have to remain consistent. The players I mentioned have been there for the team when their teams needed them.

The same stature is needed for McFadden. This time the Oakland Raiders really need a great RB to help open the passing game, as we all witnessed when the Raiders smashed the Denver Broncos.

In fact, it was the legs of McFadden that made QB Jason Campbell look good. There are a lot of fans wondering how Campbell was able to perform a lot better than his usual. Answer: Darren McFadden. If we go back to the time machine, remember it was Bo Jackson that made QB Jay Schroeder look good.

So don't be fooled by Campbell. McFadden is definitely the real deal, and with the O-line playing at the level it's at now, the Raiders can in fact win seven or eight games and get a shot at the AFC West. With QB Bruce Gradkowski back, then I would have to say they can win nine.

Bruce is just...

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