Oakland Raiders: Leadership Must Be Strengthened and Developed

How would you define "leadership"? What are the qualities of a good leader in professional football? Do the Oakland Raiders have excellent leadership at this time?

If, in fact, the Oakland Raiders have a very talented team, then is the leadership able to harness and utilize that talent to get more wins in 2010?

No one should be able to say that Jason Campbell looks "shaky" during a game. The question that I want to raise is does Campbell have the type of mentality that flourishes or collapses during stress?

There is no question that he has the physical capability. It's also obvious that there must be a development of the cohesion between him and the other players. That takes time, I admit.

On another point, Bruce Gradkowski seems to thrive on stress. Perhaps he has the "Napoleonic complex" which drives shorter men to do greater feats. What do you think?

Many researchers believe that leadership can be developed. How much time does it take for that development and for the development of the cohesion, perception, and intuitions needed to overcome opponents and adverse situations on the playing field?

There is a small amount of research on coach-player relationships and how that factor impacts the dynamics of a team. Here is an excerpt for consideration.

The Definitions and Excerpt 

...This research has focused on how coaches and athletes influence each other and the interdependency that is evident. Initially, Jowett and others highlighted the importance of the three C’s of closeness, commitment and complementarity to coach-athlete relations (Jowett, Paull, Pensgaard, Hoegmo, & Riise, 2005).


Closeness refers to feelings and perceptions that appear to be a function of interpersonal factors such as liking, trust, and respect. Open channels of communication, voicing of needs, effective problem-solving, acceptance and apprec...

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