Oakland Raiders LB Rolando McClain Shot At: I Hope He Learned From This Incident

Last year, the Oakland Raiders took MLB Rolando McClain with their first-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.  

He wasn't an All-Pro in his first year, but he did make some memorable tackles last season and seems to have a long productive career ahead of him in the NFL.  I'll never forget that power slam against the Rams and when he thumped Darren Sproles, knocking him out of the game.

On Thursday evening, as McClain was driving in his hometown of Decatur, AL, he became the target of gunfire.  He also had a few passengers with him at the time.  Thank GOD nobody was hurt.  One bullet struck his SUV but did not penetrate the cab of the vehicle.  

It was later reported, although still not confirmed, that McClain had purchased a firearm earlier that day.  

I hope this was just a coincidence.  I hope McClain isn't out there acting a fool during the offseason.  He seems like a smart young man, but we have to remember he is basically still a kid.  He is a 21-year-old millionaire.  I hope he isn't out there loading up on artillery like Delonte West.  

The Raiders need to, if they haven't already, try and convince McClain to stay out here on the West Coast.  McClain needs to keep himself out of situations like this.  He can't be strapped up and rolling through the "hood," if you know what I mean.  Those days should be long gone.  I know you have to stay ready and be prepared for the worst, but you need to do your best to not have to use your weapon.

He's a rich young man—I don't have anything against him possessing a firearm for his protection.  Keyshawn Johnson and Javon Walker were victims of robbery and may have been able to defend themselves if they had a firearm on them.  

Then again, if they pulled their weapon on an armed robber, they could very easily have gotten killed as well.  So it kind of g...

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