Oakland Raiders: Lack of Business Structure Hurting Team


I was speaking to a mentor of mine earlier today and we were discussing the importance of systems in a business.

To have a successful business, you must have systems in place that are to be followed by everyone in the organization.

These systems are put in place to be consistent regardless of who is in the organization or how many locations the organization has.

A perfect example of this is McDonald's, one of the most successful restaurant chains in the world.

Whether you go to McDonald's in Blackfoot, Idaho or New York there is a 99 percent possibility that if you order a No. 1 on the menu, you will receive a Bic Mac value meal.

It doesn't stop there. The order goes from the cashier's desk to the computer screen in the back. The person in charge of cooking the meat grabs the patties, puts them in the cooker and passes the finished product to the person in charge of the buns and condiments.

The person that gets it next finishes the burger and wraps it up, then places the ticket on it and puts it in the finished burger section.

Then someone grabs it, puts it in the bag with the fries and calls out your number. This is truly a beautiful system because it happens in the exact same way in almost every McDonalds restaurant in the world.

We then continued to discuss marketing strategies for our sales reps that we are looking to hire. We wondered if we had a system in place that generates leads for our sales rep, would it matter who the sales rep was?

We figured if the system provided enough leads and our product was solid, that even an average sales rep in our system would reap greater benefits than a great sales rep would if he tried to do it by himself.

The NFL is a business and each team is a business entity as well. There is structure from the executives making decisions, to the players ...

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