Oakland Raiders: Kick A.S.S.S. and Take Names in the 2011 Season

The Oakland Raiders and the Raider Nation are a learning community. We study. We work. We play hard. We strategize. We think.

After reading a few passages with a former Oakland Raider, I noticed that the key words "ask", "seek", and "knock" have the acronym of A.S.K. Each word represents another level of action. "Ask" means to simply request using words. "Seek" means to move forward toward the goal or desired outcome. "Knock" indicates the action of making your desires known or heard by others.

So, I thought I would try to be clever and give meaning to A.S.S.S. and we have:





Let's just say that some of us are asking for smart, strong, and strategic Oakland Raiders in the 2011 season. We want the Oakland Raiders to "kick A.S.S.S." and get with the program and win.

We learn from each other. I learned from outstanding writers like Leroy Watson, Raider Card Addict, David Wilson, Brent, Bret, John Doublin and others. That's what it's all about. Learning is what makes the difference.

As I learn, I impart my knowledge and inspiration to others. One example is that a young artist, with a B/R name VeeCee, has started a piece of artwork that just may be a masterpiece. I have not seen the finished artwork, but I do hope that she stayed the course and finished the fine project.

The articles we post on B/R are intended for the Oakland Raiders and the Raider Nation. We are learning together to draw a masterpiece on the canvas of NFL history.

We study each other. We talk, we laugh, we cry together. We seek to understand the experiences of the Oakland Raiders using words, pictures, numbers and symbols. We seek to awaken the spirit of victory, determination and courage.

Are we getting there? Where?

Yes, we are moving up. We are growing. We can do it! We were 8-8 last season and we ask for more in 2011. I want at...

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