Oakland Raiders: Kevin Boss’ Return Means Great Things on Sunday

When Kevin Boss took over for All-Pro Jeremy Shockey in New York, Boss proved his worth.

Against the New England Patriots, Kevin Boss had crucial catches to allow the Giants to spoil the Patriots' perfect season; now that same man in suiting up in Silver and Black, ready to have another impact.

The lost of Zach Miller hurt. Miller was Oakland's top receiver, and it looked as if another rough season for the Raiders was on the horizon—but in a surprising move, Kevin Boss was released due to the salary cap in New York and found his home in Oakland, a place where he can truly flourish for the talent he is

Not to say Kevin Boss did not have a great career before Oakland: time and time again Boss proved to be a favorite target for Eli Manning. And now? Boss will be a favorite target for Jason Campbell.

Some are skeptical of whether or not Boss can replicate Miller's success, but it shouldn't be a concern.

A fellow BleacherReport writer, Carl Cockerham, says it best: Boss is an upgrade. He's a tick faster, bigger, arguably stronger and has great hands; Zach's spot is fulfilled, no-one should worry about that.

Oakland is also a team that likes to bring the TE over to use as an extra blocker for McFadden, Bush or Reece—Kevin Boss' size and strength is well respected and just adds a different threat for a running game that looks to be on the verge of becoming completely unstoppable.

When Oakland lines up against the New York Jets on the 25th of September, New York can boast about having a shut-down corner in Revis, which they do. Cromartie is talented; he would of been a great fit in Oakland but things did not work out. Nevertheless, Cromartie can hold his own, and that takes away an aspect of our passing game, but Boss' presence will be felt on Sunday.

Coming off an injury suffered in the preseason, Boss will be hungry to prove he belongs wearing that legendary bla...

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