Oakland Raiders Keep Moving and Believing In Commitment To Excellence

The Oakland Raiders have a powerful motto: Commitment to Excellence . To make this concept operational, it may be necessary to remind the readers of at least three levels of excellence: organizational, team, and individual.

Historically speaking, there have been eras in the history of the Oakland Raiders that demonstrated a high degree of fidelity between the motto and the performance in the AFC and overall in the NFL.

No one will deny that the Oakland Raiders need to re-commit to excellence at all levels. Simply stated, there must be a return to organizational excellence, team excellence, and individual excellence.

Is it asking too much to want every level of the Oakland Raiders franchise to re-commit? I think not. It is a reasonable request and expectation after seven years of famine when it comes to winning the AFC championship and a Super Bowl.

Here are quotes and excerpts that will inspire all of us to re-think how we do what we do, why we do what we do, and what level of excellence we expect once we do what we do.

I believe that Al Davis is committed to excellence. He has maintained the motto for many years. Now is the time for the coaches and roster of players to do introspection to determine what needs to change in order to have more accuracy and fidelity in their commitment to the Oakland Raiders motto.

Four things are important in this discussion. Consider these excerpts as definitions :


1. Organizational Excellence is the most challenging of the three aspects of excellence because of the consistent level of commitment, cooperation, and alignment required of so many people. A shared vision provides the focus that is required to "make it happen". Without vision, (both in a literal and figurative sense), individuals and organizations do not have the ability to focus on what's important. No Vision—No Focus!



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