Oakland Raiders: “Keep Hope Alive” to Obtain Consecutive Wins for Week 16 and 17

There was an era in the United States when folks were saying, "Keep hope alive." Now we need to say it for the Oakland Raiders.

Watching the final few moments of the game on Dec. 18 was shocking. Whatever it takes to pull through near the final moments of the game was lacking. The question is: Exactly what or who is lacking in the knowledge, skill and passion to finish what you start, Oakland Raiders?

If the Raiders win one and lose one, then the season record will be similar to 2010. We are looking for marked progress, not repeated patterns.

At this point, some of us would be happy with a 10-6 record.

Another observation is that the Oakland Raiders did so poorly the last few moments of the game against the Detroit Lions, it seemed like they had "mutiny" or "sabotage" on their minds

I can say that the Raiders did better on Dec. 18 than they did the week before. It is just so heartbreaking to see that they fell apart during the final moments of a tight game.

A funny thing happened at the restaurant where I watched the game. A Lions fan walked out of the place upset because at the moment he left, he thought the Raiders were going to win the game. I got smart with him, and said, "Well, we did better than you thought."

A few moments later, I was almost in tears. The Raiders collapsed near the end.

Well, we learned something. Always wait until you see "final" on the scoreboard before you start bragging.

Nevertheless, let's "keep hope alive" for the next two games and into the future.

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