Oakland Raiders :Kamerion Wimbley, a Linebacker Or Defensive End?

The Oakland Raiders aquired Kamerion Wimbley and sent a 3rd round 2010 draft pick to the Cleveland Browns two weeks ago. Wimbley played outside linebacker for the Browns and recorded 11 sacks his rookie year. In college Kamerion played DE and was considered a can't miss pick in the 2006 draft. Unfortantley no one said he was a can't miss pick for an outside linebacker. So the main question now is where do you put your newly aquired player?

The Raiders are most likely going to have Trever Scott, DE/LB, at the weakside linebacker position this upcoming season. Scott has risen the bar in sack totals from five his rookie year to seven in 2009. The great thing about Scott playing fulltime is that he has yet to have the chance to do so. With him having a full year under his belt at the weakside postion, I expect him to have nine sacks or better. The coaches realize his potential so putting Wimbley here is not going to happen.

Kirk Morrison being tendered a 3rd round compensation makes it look like the diehard raider is as good as gone. This is a position where we need a run stuffing inside linebacker with great command of the defense.

Morrison is a good leader, but is production against the run has not improved much since entering in the league. He lets too many runs slip by him and when he does make his tackles, the damage has already been done. Kamerion is a pass rushing specialist and is also not great against the run. Switching out Morrison for Wimbley will give the same results if not less. The position needs to be filled through the draft or a big trade.

The strong side LB position is occupied by Thomas Howard. I can't say I remember him being bad at this position, but I did not hear anything good about it either. Howard has always been great in coverage and hurrying the quarterback. I do b...

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