Oakland Raiders: Jason Campbell’s in Free Fall, but How Far Can He Drop?

Back in April, when Jason Campbell got his wish and was dealt from the Washington Redskins to the Raiders for a future draft pick, media outlets hailed it as a great move for Oakland, a sign that the team was moving forward. They also trumpeted the Raiders again after JaMarcus Russell was released, saying the team made the right choice.

Now, two weeks into the season and the Raiders at 1-1, Campbell has realized how hard reality is in the NFL, when he was pulled at halftime of a game down by four...and his backup, Bruce Gradkowski led the team to a win over the St Louis Rams.

Campbell's most damaging news came three days later when Gradkowski was named the starter for Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals, another team that is 1-1.

So how does this bode for Campbell?

For one, his future obviously relies on how well and how long Gradkowski can remain healthy. Last year, Gradkowski's season ended at the hands of a Redskins team who punished Gradkowski when Oakland's offensive line faltered and fell. It also depends on if Gradkowski can produce wins against powerhouses like the Houston Texans (2-0), the San Diego Chargers (1-1), and the 49ers in upcoming weeks.

For Campbell, he could take heart that Tom Cable does seem open to the option of flipping the quarterbacks in and out of the starting role, depending on who the team is playing, and wanting to put out the best option to win on Sundays.


But, on the flip side of the coin, is the lingering question: How far can Jason Campbell fall?

When the Raiders demoted JaMarcus Russell last year during the Kansas City game, some wondered if it would be a short drop. Instead, Tom Cable dropped him all the way to third in the depth chart, behind Charlie Frye.

In Oakland right now, you have Gradkowski and Kyle Boller. Is Boller a better option in Oakland than Campbell?

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