Oakland Raiders: Jason Campbell May Need Something to Reach for

It takes different strokes for different folks. Jason Campbell may be the type of player who needs something to reach for.

Campbell seems to be trying harder, and playing better as the second QB, rather than being officially designated as the starter.

When he was the starter at the beginning of the season, there were a few problems that were evident. Now that he is in the second position, he seems to be trying harder to keep up to par.

It would take an expert on human behavior to really know what's going on. Anyway, the team is getting the best performance out of a player who wants his job back.

Granted, that's a good thing to try hard to get your job back, but if a player had put his whole heart into the game when he had the job initially—there would not be this drama of who is the starting quarterback.

I like it the way it is. Destiny determined the rank and the opportunity to stand one man up, and to put one man down, for a little while.

Something is boosting the outcome in the past few weeks. Who gets the credit? Well, let's examine a few things.

One BR writer, an outstanding one at that, said the following:

"Michael Bush had a big gain on a play that could have been the craziest play of the year. On a 3rd-and-9, Jason Campbell looked to hit Darrius Heyward-Bey, but the ball deflected off his hands into the hands of Jacoby Ford...Ford was unable to hold on to it but managed to drop it into the hands of Bush who rumbled for 55 yards before losing his shoe."

That great quote was written by Elias Trejo.

It shows you something about "luck" if you believe in it.

It reminded me of another remarkable play where luck or something intervened back in 1970. In the game played on Dec. 6, 1970, a man made a 33-yard catch after the ball was tipped, and the opponents said, "It just didn't make sense."

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