Oakland Raiders: JaMarcus Russell’s Good News Ruined By Tim Kawakami

Two nights ago, many Raider fans were amazed by the great news, former Raider and Hall of Famer, Willie Brown had about JaMarcus Russell.

Willie confirmed the rumor that JaMarcus had been training at the sports institute in Arizona.

We were told he was in the shape of his life, Thinner, stronger and following a diet with professionally planed meals.

Some of his teammates even added to the optimism.

Marcel Reece said," JaMarcus looks great right now, high in spirit, working and everybody's coming together for him. So we're having a good time right now."

And reporters suggested he looked noticeably 15-20 pounds lighter and thinner in the face.

Hopes were high despite the fact the news was tainted with news that Russell did it with a personal advisor...or a babysitter. But hey, even Jared from Subway lost weight with aids helping him.

Even some of Russells' detractors were optimistic. The news at least shut them up for a minute.

Then it all came crashing back to earth with one tweet from Raider-hater Tim Kawakami.

"Raiders note: JaMarcus Russell weighed 271 pounds when he reported for voluntary workouts this week, according to source."

271... Really. He got down to 271, not much of an accomplishment in my eyes.

First off let me say I am hesitant to believe this coming from Tim Kawakamis' unnamed source.

But it does raise some questions. Asuming it is true.

First, who the hell is leaking information to Tim Kawakami? John Herrara and Al Davis , I expect you to get to the bottom of this and end it.

Secondly, if JaMarcus is already looking thinner in the face and is noticeably thinner. How heavy was this guy before? 300+ maybe?

And lastly, is Tim Kawakami just talking(or tweeting) out of his ass or does his "tweet" have merit?

Regardless of what the truth is, Russell is...

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